Anders Zorn (1860-1920) made seven trips to the United States between 1893 and 1911, painting and etching over one-hundred prominent Americans. The artist’s experiences in the United States have not been researched in great detail until now. Unlike many European portrait painters who traveled to America in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Zorn did not limit his activities to brief visits to the East Coast. He spent the equivalent of four years in the country, much of it in the Midwest, painting portraits in Chicago, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh, as well as in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Our Web site contains an annotated list of Zorn’s American subjects , which is the result of nearly eighteen years of research in Sweden and America by Bill and Willow. We believe it is the most complete tabulation of his American work yet published. There is also a comprehensive survey of Zorn’s work in American collections. A brief history of the artist’s time in America can also be found on this site. The “About Us” selection on the menu, after a brief profile of Bill and Willow, chronicles some of our many Swedish adventures through text and pictures. We hope to add additional art work and menu items to the site in the near future.

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