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The Zorn project began in 1988 when we first saw an etching by the artist in Louise Hall Tharp’s biography of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. As avid, yet unfocused, collectors of prints, we were struck by his bold impressionistic approach to the medium. We vowed to learn more about Anders Zorn (1860-1920), but at the time, there was little available in English. Fortunately, Elizabeth Broun, curator at the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, held an exhibition of Zorn prints in 1979. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue that was helpful in our research.

Initially, we were struck by how much contact Zorn had with America and Americans and that so little research had been done on this aspect of his career. In our research into Saint-Gaudens, we corresponded with the late Burke Wilkinson, a biographer of the American sculptor. He thought we had a knack for research and writing and suggested that we “do Zorn.” Knowing almost all the literature on the artist was in Swedish, it was not until we determined that we could translate Swedish to English that we could proceed.

Our research took on a life of its own by 1989. We realized it was necessary to travel to Sweden to see Zorn’s work. We wrote to the Zorn Museum in the artist’s hometown of Mora, Sweden, six months before our trip, but had heard nothing by our departure date. Ironically, when we arrived home from Sweden, a letter from the museum was waiting for us.

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