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James Deering, 1903, oil on canvas, private collection. James Deering (1859-1925) was a brother of Charles Deering and a vice-president of International Harvester Company. As was the case with his brother, James, who never married, had many interests beyond business. He is known for building Vizcaya in southern Florida, a palazzo in the Italian Renaissance style. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is owned by Dade County. It was sold to the county in 1957 by Charles Deering’s daughters for a nominal fee. Vizcaya is listed as a U.S. National Historic Landmark. John Singer Sargent painted a watercolor portrait of James Deering in 1917 (private collection), the same year the artist painted Charles Deering’s portrait.

A Dark Corner, 1903, etching, 20 x 15 cm., A. 175, also known as Models Near a Bed, according to Karl Asplund. The etching was made in New York City. There is a drawing in the Zorn Museum Collection that is a preparatory sketch in pencil for the etching, in mirror image, ZT 1033.

Mrs. Richard Howe, 1904, oil on canvas, private collection. See Mrs. Abby Deering Howe, 1900.

Charles Tracy Barney, 1904, oil on canvas, 228 x 121 cm., New-York Historical Society, accession no. 1947.112. Charles T. Barney (1850-1907) was president of the Knickerbocker Trust Company and a director of numerous insurance companies. He was also a patron of the arts and a supporter of the Metropolitan Opera. During the Panic of 1907, which triggered a run on the Knickerbocker Trust Company, Barney committed suicide.

Charles Gates Dawes, 1904, oil on canvas, 122 x 82 cm., U.S. Treasury Building. Charles G. Dawes (1865-1951) was a financier, diplomat, and a vice-president under Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933). He is known for Dawes’ plan, implemented after Word War I (1924) to solve the problem of German war reparations. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1925 for his efforts. The plan eventually failed and Adolph Hitler came to power in German in 1933.

Charles Deering (Traveling Companion), 1904, etching, 19.8 x 14.9 cm., A. 182. Deering is depicted reading in a train compartment during a trip he and Zorn took from Chicago to California.

Richard Teller Crane, 1904, oil on canvas, private collection. Richard T. Crane (1832-1912) was founder of the Crane plumbing fixture empire. The portrait was painted in Pasadena, California.

Mrs. Emily Hutchinson Crane (after 1913, Mrs. Junkin), 1904, oil on canvas, 85 x 113.5 cm., Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois. Mrs. Crane (b. 1869) was painted by Zorn in Pasadena, California.

On March 28, 1955, Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm’s leading newspaper, published a story concerning two previously unknown paintings discovered in the United States. During a two month cross-country trip to America, Gerda Boëthius found a portrait in San Francisco of Smith Wild. The painting had remained with the family. Dagens Nyheter published a picture of the painting. Zorn was in San Francisco in 1904, and may have painted the portrait at that time. A notation for the entry on the portrait in the Zorn Museum Archives indicates that the portrait was dated 1907. The other painting was in another San Francisco private collection and depicted a woman painted in one of Zorn’s Swedish studios, according to the newspaper. In Washington, D.C., Boëthius found, according to the report, that Zorn’s portrait of President William Howard Taft was hung in President Dwight Eisenhower’s workroom (arbetsrum), which may translate as the Oval Office.

Marcus A. Hanna, 1904, oil on canvas, 130 x 85 cm., Western Reserve Historical Society, accession no. WRHS 48.147. Senator Marcus Hanna (1837-1904) was a businessman and a leading member of the Senate. Zorn’s work is a posthumous portrait. Hanna had recently died, and his friends commissioned Zorn to paint his portrait.

Mr. Richard Howe, 1904, 121.9 x 89.2 cm., oil on canvas, private collection. Richard Howe was a brother-in-law of Charles Deering. Mrs. Howe commissioned the portrait. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s, New York, in April 2002.

Robert S. Brookings, 1904, oil on canvas, 124 x 91.4 cm., Washington University Collection, accession no. WU 3192. Robert S. Brookings (1850-1932) was a successful businessman who used his considerable wealth for philanthropic causes. He also established the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Charles Deering, 1904, oil on canvas, private collection. This is Zorn’s second portrait of his patron and friend.

Robert R. Hitt, 1904, oil on canvas, 110 x 60 cm., private collection. Robert Hitt (1834-1906) was an influential congressional leader during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

Colonel Daniel Lamont II, 1904, etching, 20 x 15 cm., A. 177. See the Lamont portrait, 1900.

Colonel Daniel Lamont III, 1904, etching, 20 x 15 cm., A. 178.

Colonel Daniel Lamont, 1904, drawing, Zorn Museum Collection, a preparatory sketch for Lamont III.

John Milton Hay, 1904, etching, 20.2 x 15.1 cm., A. 179. John Hay was a private secretary to President Abraham Lincoln during Lincoln’s presidency and coauthored a book on the assassinated president. He was a journalist in Cleveland and had an extensive diplomatic career. Hay served as secretary of state under Theodore Roosevelt and died while in that position. See Mrs. John Hay, 1883.

Emma Rasmussen, 1904, etching, 20 x 15 cm., A. 183. Miss Rasmussen was a Danish-born singer who, according to Zorn, married a German nobleman. The portrait was etched in Washington, D.C.

Emma Rasmussen, 1904, pencil on paper, 20.2 x 13.3 cm., Zorn Museum Collection, ZT 1041.

Zorn etched a self-portrait in New York City, 1904, 17.5 x 12.5 cm., A 180, and another version, A. 181. The self-portrait, A. 180, was published in Die Graphischen Künste in 1905.

Mrs. Kip, etching, 1904, 20 x 15 cm., A. 184. The etching was made in New York City. According to Asplund, Zorn’s sketch book contains a pencil drawing of the subject.

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