Survey of Zorn's Works in America...
By Willow and William E. Hagans
The survey of Anders Zorn’s works in American collections was conducted in 1992-1993. Any updated information from collections already surveyed is welcomed, as is information from collections we have not contacted. The extent of Zorn holdings in the United States is a testament to the artist’s impact on American art between 1893 and 1911, the time-span of his seven trips to the United States. There were also a number of Zorn exhibitions in America, particularly of his etchings, from 1911 through the 1930s. Zorn painted, etched, or sketched over 100 Americans.

We would like to thank the many people who took time to respond to our survey. We regret, due to space limitations, that detailed information concerning etchings in collections is not included. Museum Web sites have been provided if particular information is required. You may also contact our Web site for detailed information about etchings in collections. One-hundred-forty-five letters were sent to American museums and libraries and we had responses from 137. Ninety-eight institutions responded that they had Zorns in their collections, while thirty-nine had none.

The Survey is sorted alphabetically by institution.
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